Milfoil Treatment on Torch Bay

Weather permitting PLM will be on Torch Bay for a milfoil survey on Tuesday afternoon, June 22 and for milfoil treatment on Wednesday morning, June 23.  Due to the better water clarity and the fact that the water warmed up earlier this year, the milfoil has matured earlier than the last 2 years. Since we were able to treat  and eliminate all milfoil that was found last year, there should only be scattered growth and most likely not in the locations that were treated last year.  Most places where milfoil has been spotted have only 1 or 2 plants.  The exception would be any scattered plants that were not found last year will have multiplied and created a small cluster.  This was the process that was going on in the years prior to 2013 when we unfortunately didn’t know what milfoil was and what treatment options were available until those clusters both grew and started new areas until the milfoil covered 193 acres.  Since this treatment will be for the scattered growth as it is found, I will be unable to tell you in advance where the treatments will be, but as usual PLM will place treatment notices on all properties within 100 feet of treatment areas.  For up to date emails from the milfoil committee, please send your email address to