Update – Milfoil Treatment on Torch Bay

You may have noticed that the July 6 newsletter after this year’s first treatment had the wrong treatment date. The first treatment was on June 23, not July 23. Many Waters did their Torch Bay survey on Sunday August 1 and on August 3 PLM treated all milfoil locations that were found by property owners, Many Waters, and PLM.
PLM treated approximately 20 locations, each with scattered plants and none with dense growth, and in almost all locations the plants had not reached the surface so had not yet formed seeds. The total area treated was approximately 7 acres which was at first a little discouraging since 7.5 acres were treated in June. But after remembering that all but 1/2 acre of the June treatment was 1 area in the NW corner of the bay, that
meant the June & August treatments combined included only 7.5 acres for the entire rest of the bay. I do not know the exact dimensions of the treated areas but, for example, if the 20 areas treated on August 3 each needed to be only 100 ft by 150 ft to cover the scattered plants in those areas, that would total very close to 7 acres.

PLM is attempting to treat all new growth, but finding every new plant is unlikely. Most likely there will be new milfoil growth to treat again next year, but as long as PLM is able to treat most existing growth we at least should continue to have little to no dense milfoil growth. The amount of native weed growth on the bay this summer has been much higher than
most years. The early water warmup created a longer growing season and the unusual high water clarity has allowed for more penetration of sunlight. Those both affect weed growth, but fortunately it is native weeds and not heavy milfoil growth. Those native weeds can be cleared with a lake weed cutter if you have an area that you want to clear out, but if you had a milfoil treatment in your area PLM suggests waiting until August 10 to cut so you do not spread live milfoil fragments.
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